Mapping COVID-19 Research

The "Map of Hope" provides a geographical overview of planned, ongoing and completed clinical trials.

COVID-19 research activities

Many informative maps are available to track the spread of COVID-19. This is important information but only part of the story. The global scientific and medical communities have immediately responded to the new threat with focused research activities which in turn have led to clinical trials and scientific publications worldwide. Here we aim to provide an up to date overview of these activities with links to the underlying sources.

Clinical Trials Map

The information on clinical trials is based on data from the WHO Clinical Trials Search Portal for COVID-19 related clinical trials. The Clinical Trials Search Portal provides access to a central database containing the trial registration data sets provided by many international registries

The WHO portal is updated every Friday by six key registries and every 4 weeks by additional registries. We aim to update our maps consistent with this schedule.

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The Team

Medical expertise is provided from Prof. Dr. Markus Ries from the Center for Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, University Hospital Heidelberg with support from by Dr. Konstantin Mechler and Donna Smith.

The data pre-processing and the service deployment is done by the HeiGIT team members. Geocoding was done using the openrouteservice API. This is free to use service by HeiGIT for many geographical applications such as geocoding, routing and accessibility analysis. Please contact us if you are interested in using it for your research, especially if it is related to health and disaster management.

Disclaimer: Trials posted on this search portal are neither endorsed by WHO nor by HeiGIT, but are provided as a service to our users. In no event shall the World Health Organization or HeiGIT be liable for any damages arising from the use of the information linked to in this section. None of the information obtained through use of the services provided should in any way be used in clinical care without consulting a physician or licensed health professional. Neither WHO nor HeiGIT is responsible for the accuracy, completeness and/or use made of the content displayed for any trial record.