Mapping COVID-19 Research

The "Map of Hope" provides a geographical overview of planned, ongoing and completed clinical trials.

Clinical Trials Map

The information on clinical trials is based on data from the WHO Clinical Trials Search Portal for COVID-19 related clinical trials. The Clinical Trials Search Portal provides access to a central database containing the trial registration data sets provided by many international registries

The WHO portal gets updated every Friday by six important registries and every 4 weeks by additional registries. We aim at updating our maps without too much delay.

The data shown reflects the WHO portal updated at 2020-06-08 and contains clinical trials.

The map shows the clinical trial locations classified by the study category. The time slider allows browsing by the temporal dimension. Only clinical trials that were registered before a specified date are shown. The location of the clinical trial is only accurate to the level of the city and does not identify the institution where the trial took place. Click on an individual study to display more detailed information about the study.

Cumulative plots by study category. It is possible to switch categories on and off by clicking on the respective legend item. If you hover across the plot area you will see a context menu that allows you to zoom, show data, toogle spike lines and to export the figure.


The following table presents some of the details on the records displayed on the map as offered by the WHO Clinical Trials Search Portal. Horizontal scroll bars allow to access the full content of the table. Follow the links for full detail.

Filter options

The Search field performs a full text query on all fields. Further search fields at the bottom of the table allow you to filter the table for each column individually.

TrialID Description Study Type Classification Registration date Enrollment date Primary outcome
TrialID Description Study Type Classification Registration date Enrollment date Primary outcome

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